An Inspired Life – Prompts

A few weeks ago, I wrote about finding an old document where I had answered a number of prompts meant to suss out the type of work and projects I was passionate about. I’ve always loved doing these types of exercises. It’s a great, guided way to do some self-reflection and help organize your thoughts and feelings.

At the beginning of the year, my friend Vera gave me a journal call An Inspired Life, which includes a lot of these types of prompts. The journal contains a wide range of questions that encourage you to think about your passions and strengths, your fears and hopes.

Having just hit a major milestone in my sabbatical with the launch of the podcast, it feels like a good time to stop and reflect about how I’m feeling today. What are the things that drive me? What am I most passionate about?

I’ve gone through the journal and picked out a few prompts that really resonated with me and this sabbatical journey:

  • If my future self came to visit me today, I think she’d tell me to start:
  • These are some of the most important mistakes I’ve made in my life:
  • These are some old patterns and behaviors I’m beginning to question:
  • This is how I would describe the person I have chosen to become:
  • Here are some things I’m afraid of, but I want to try anyway:

I’m going to reflect on these prompts over the next few days and jot down my thoughts. Looks out for my answers in my next post.

How would you answer any one of these prompts? If you’d like to share, leave a comment below.

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