This is my 52nd blog post. And having published two posts each week since the start, that means I’ve been on my sabbatical and keeping up this blog for half a year!

This achievement got me thinking of other milestones I’ve hit during this sabbatical:

But in addition to looking back, milestones are also a good time to take stock, look ahead, and think about how I want to continue on in this journey. Some new things I want to tackle in the next six months:

  • Do an internship or part-time work in one of the careers areas I’m exploring, in order to get real-world experience.
  • Take on at least one freelance gig so that I can better understand that process.
  • Put together a business plan for at least one of the many entrepreneurial endeavors I have in mind.
  • Create my acting website.
  • Overcome technological limitations to plan, shoot and edit my first full film.

Another big change moving forward: for the time being, I’m going to scale back my blogs to once a week, every Friday.

I find that I’ve gotten to the point where my exploration of careers is now more in-depth and drawn out. This means I don’t always have new discoveries multiple times a week, and I’ve often found myself digging for blog post ideas. I hope that by switching to once a week, I can dedicate the time to writing more thoughtful and meaningful posts.

So with that … see you next Friday!

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