Not Much to Update

This past week, I didn’t do much.

Ok, that’s not true. My husband, son, and I just got back from a couple of nights out of town, and the week preceding that trip was spent preparing for the getaway. 

From recreating my wedding cake from scratch (a multi-day project!) to cleaning the apartment, getting a mountain full of laundry done to packing the car to its limits, it was a pretty hectic week!

But I guess since none of it was in service of any of my larger, long-term goals (career exploration, weight loss, etc.), I didn’t feel like I was very productive.

As for the weekend — it was blissfully uneventful (well, by my standards). We went wine tasting in Sonoma. Made it out to our vacation rental in Bodega Bay. Cooked a couple of good meals. Drank more wine. Enjoyed time on the deck. Did crossword puzzles. Took relaxing hot baths. Ate a lot of the aforementioned cake. And generally, took it easy.

It was nice.

So, here I am, a week from my last blog post, with not much to update.

And I think sometimes we need that. We need periods in our life (even if it’s a simple weekend getaway) when we don’t have much to update.

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vicki siegel
vicki siegel
2 years ago

I read about your new weight loss initiative a I was going through the drive thru at Burger King. Weight loss should be on my list too and kudos to you for sticking with it! It’s perfectly fine to have down time and enjoy that wonderful baby and great husband!